Landfill Reclamation

Experienced in expanding the resources and efficiencies of landfills. This also helps our customers avoid the high cost of acquiring additonal land.


The Process

Planning, along with the right equipment and technologies, is the key part to reaching landfill improvement goals.



Properly handing various materials and items is key to healthy reclamation.


Soil Screening

Proper screening and needed separation goes into a sound reclamation plan.

Projects done right

Landfill reclamation has its challenges. Sherpa has the solutions, as we combine experience, technology and the logistical know-how to do the job correctly, and budget friendly.

At Sherpa, we have the experience and forward thinking solutions that give our customers smarter solutions. We combine good business and environmental responsibility with opportunities to build healthier operations and financial benefits.


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Our vision is to be the leader in performance, safety, integrity, ingenuity and environmental responsibility