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Waste Collection / Transportation

Fully serviced Roll-off containers delivered to your site


Landfill Reclamation

Properly handing various materials and items is key to healthy reclamation


Waste Processing

Managing waste and its footprint


Mill Services

Processing industrial resources and by-products

Comprehensive Environmental Solutions

Sherpa Industries has extensive experience in helping our clients recycle a broad range of industrial by-products. Our evolving mission is to provide each customer the finest in industry knowledge, experience and service: and to work together to find the best outlets to manage and process waste, and to reclaim, reduce or reuse industrial by-products.


At Sherpa, we have the experience and forward thinking solutions that give our customers smarter solutions. We combine good business and environmental responsibility with opportunities to build healthier operations and financial benefits. Let our experience and track record benefit your next project.


You’ll See Us as Partners

Our vision is to be the leader in performance, safety, integrity, ingenuity and environmental responsibility

Client Testimonials

“Sherpa was extremely responsive, and attention to all of our requirements. Highly recommend.”

Rocky Rhodes

“Sherpa is fantastic. From our initial call, to dispatch, to customer service. They’re doing it right.”

Phil Land

“Can’t say enough about the folks at Sherpa. We tend to be picky, they knocked it out of the park.”

Sandy Pyle

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PO Box 2482 | Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465

205 542-2696